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Introduction (The acute abdomen)
Surgery vs. observation
Acute appendicitis
Acute appendicitis: Surgical pathology
Acute appendicitis: Clinical features
Acute appendicitis: Symptoms
Acute appendicitis: Symptoms: Abdominal pain
Acute appendicitis: Symptoms: Diarrhoea
Acute appendicitis: Signs
Acute appendicitis: Signs: General
Acute appendicitis: Signs: Local
Acute appendicitis: Investigations
Acute appendicitis: Differential diagnosis
Acute appendicitis: Mesenteric adenitis
Acute appendicitis: Gynaecological conditions
Acute appendicitis: Urological conditions
Acute appendicitis: Other conditions
Acute appendicitis: Management
Intra-abdominal abscesses
Crohn's disease
Crohn's disease:Introduction
Crohn's disease: Pathology
Crohn's disease: Extra-intestinal manifestations
Crohn's disease: Clinical manifestations
Introduction (Hernias)
External hernias
Internal hernias
Components of a hernia
Richter's hernia
Littre's hernia
Maydl's hernia
Predisposing factors
Sites of weakness in the abdominal wall
Increased intra-abdominal pressure
Principles of treatment
Principles of treatment: No treatment
Principles of treatment: Truss or abdominal binder
Principles of treatment: Reducing raised intra-abdominal pressure
Principles of treatment: Operation
Principles of treatment: Urgent operation
Principles of treatment: Attempted reduction of a hernia
Inguinal hernia
Importance of the integrity of the inguinal canal
Indirect inguinal hernia
Classification of indirect inguinal hernias
Direct inguinal hernia
Clinical features of inguinal hernias
Treatment of inguinal hernias
Management after inguinal hernia repair
Potential complications of inguinal hernia repair
Femoral hernia
Femoral hernia: Presentation
Femoral hernia: Treatment
Incisional hernia
Epigastric hernia
Umbilical hernia in children
Para-umbilical hernia in adults
Hernias related to intestinal stomas
Spigelian hernia
Lumbar hernias
Obturator hernia
Sciatic hernias
Gut function: Pseudo-obstruction

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