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Introduction (Surgical infections)
Acute infection
Acute infection: Host defence mechanisms
Acute infection: The organisms
Acute infection: Cellulitis
Acute infection: Abscesses
Acute infection: Bacteraemia and septicaemia
Nosocomial infections
Nosocomial infections: Wound infections
Nosocomial infections: Urinary tract infection
Nosocomial infections: Phlebitis
Nosocomial infections: Enterocolitis
Nosocomial infections: Post-operative pulmonary complications
Antimicrobial therapy
Antimicrobial therapy: Prophylaxis
Antimicrobial therapy: Treatment
Antimicrobial therapy: Resistant microbes
Blood-borne viral infections
Blood-borne viral infections: Universal precautions
Blood-borne viral infections: Vaccination
Blood-borne viral infections: Exposure
The operating room
The operating room: Aseptic techniques
The operating room: Surgical antiseptics
The operating room: Sterility
Prophylaxis: Infection
The operating room: Universal precautions
Introduction (Infections of the extremities)
Folliculitis, furuncles and carbuncles
Hidradenitis suppurativa
Pulp space abscess
Synergistic gangrene
Synergistic gangrene: Terminology
Synergistic gangrene: Clinical features
Synergistic gangrene: Treatment
Clostridial infections
Clostridial infections: Clostridial myonecrosis
Clostridial infections: Clostridial cellulitis

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